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The spring shows have passed and the sun is shining, which can only mean one thing – Star Awards 2017! In case you didn’t know, it’s one day out of the year where Diversified gets to withdraw from their desks and have some time out of the office for some competitive team games and summer fun.  Here’s what our Peterborough office got up to…

Event director, Helen Conway kick started the day with Pimms, pastries, nibbles and a friendly game of Family Fortunes (“our survey says”). This classic game-show had the teams wracking their brains for the most popular answers to the following questions…

If you had a servant for a day, what would be the first thing you would ask them to do?
Top answer: make me a meal

Name part of a book.
Top answer: spine

What would someone wear that is fake?
Top answer: fur

Name something you would be envious of your friend having!
Top answer: money
Answer: car

Name somewhere where you would read a newspaper!
Top answer: train station

The winners were: Jade Cassidy (sales executive – routeone magazine), Dan Roberts (marketing executive), Lloyd Jones (sales manager, British Tourism & Travel Show), Jacqui Trayford (marketing executive, Coach & Bus UK), and Pippa Allsop (operations manager) – pictured above.

The team then made their way to Ferry Meadows Park, just in time for the afternoon sun.  As a few relaxed under the gazebo with a beer in hand, some took part in Giant Bananagrams and a game of homemade Giant Kerplunk! The object is to remove the most sticks without having any balls fall out…trickier than it looks.

Everyone then participated in a competitive game of ‘Watch your Step’ – as seen in this video. The aim is to pop everyone else’s balloons and keep your own (note the hilarious frog-leg tactics from sales manager, Daniel Lunn)


As the BBQ meat cooked, the quiz created by resident Friday Quizmaster, Sam Noble (tourism sales manager), commenced.

The winning team was Team Marrison (captained by newbie Hayley Marrison, sales executive, routeone).  Close runners up were O’Trivia Newton John (captained by another recent newbie Michaela Peacock (journalist, routeone and GT&T magazine), and the booby prize (for the yearly results of the Friday quizzes) went to Martin Laverton (group sales manager).  Dan Roberts was also presented with his DivCom gift for 5 years with the company.