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According to a recent survey by Ginger Research (on behalf of Heinz), the average Brit will eat 18,304 sandwiches in their lifetime; with over half eating at least one sandwich a day.

But what’s our nation’s favourite?  According to this latest poll it’s now the BLT.  The bacon butty, ham & cheese, cheese, and chicken & bacon, have also all been voted No.1 in various surveys over the years*.  It really does depend who you ask…

Here’s our top picks:

Chris Brazier, events: “Tuna and avocado on white bread with some pepper is a favourite if I’m at home.  I tried a roasted venison and celeriac sandwich at the Sammie Awards judging day once and that was very memorable.”

Nicola Cowles, events: “It has to be a ham and cheese sandwich on seeded bread, with either salad cream or mayonnaise.  In the winter months this is lovely toasted!”

Grace Allwright, marketing: “It’s probably cheating slightly but I would have to go for a chicken, bacon and avocado bagel with lots of mayonnaise!  Not strictly a sandwich but wins for me every time.”

Katrina Randall, marketing: “My favourite sandwich would be a doorstop toasty on white bread with chicken, pesto, roasted vegetables and mozzarella.  You can’t beat a bit of melted cheese!”

Sharna Waid, PR: “My favourite sandwich is one I discovered after moving to Hove.  It’s from a café called Salvage on Weston Road.  It’s a toasted sandwich which contains a fried egg, roast potatoes, peppers, caramelised onions and melted cheese – wrapped in fresh sourdough bread!  I’ve had it a few times now and I’m still not bored of it!”

Emma-Louise Jones, PR: “A variation of the Cyprus sandwich – cooked halloumi slices, baby spinach and mayo in a warm, buttered, wholemeal pitta.  That’s my favourite but I couldn’t eat it every day.  Most of the time I opt for the simple egg mayo and cress sandwich from the Pret near our office!”

Tom Englehart, accounts: “My favourite sandwich would be a BLT, with freshly made bacon still hot from the pan.  Bacon is great in any scenario, but for lunch it’s got to be in some crusty white bread with crunchy lettuce and tomato, and, ideally, with some mustard mayonnaise.”

Roger Denyer, design: “Warmed pitta (not toasted), grilled Halloumi (not squeaky), sliced cucumber (not too watery), sliced red onion (not too thick), rocket leaves (not too many), sweet chilli sauce (not too hot), and a final twist of black pepper (not too grainy) – pretty straight forward (not too fussy at all!).”

Ross Harris, design: “I think my favourite sandwich would have to be the one I make on Boxing Day.  Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.  All on some seeded, crusty bread.  There might even be a roast potato on the side.”

Helen Trott, operations: “My favourite sandwich filling completely depends on what is available as a sandwich wall.  If I have thick white sliced bread, I like a simple sandwich fill of salty butter with cucumber – and I like the crusts cut off and the sandwich cut into triangles (it tastes better in triangles!).  If I have a round crusty roll, then I like shredded iceberg lettuce and grated cheese with salad cream – but the cheese HAS to be grated.  If I have a fresh bloomer loaf with crusty crust, I like soft boiled eggs, with salad cream and black pepper.  I like sandwiches!!!”

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*Bacon butty (Olive magazine survey, 2016), ham & cheese (Birds Eye survey, 2016), cheese (Lurpak survey, 2015), and chicken and bacon (The British Sandwich & Food to Go Association survey, 2014).